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Lastres, Ribadesella, Colombres ... We present our tourist guide of charming towns near Llanes and Valleoscuru so that you can enjoy the tradition of the Asturian and Cantabrian area to the full during your next visit


Our area stands out for its great tourist attraction in terms of nature and beaches, although also the historical sites or the gastronomy take great importance. These tourist resources can be enjoyed throughout many charming villages both in the municipality of Llanes and in the surroundings, including Asturias, but also Cantabria, given that our rural hotel is located next to the border with this community.

Next, we are going to recommend 12 +1 charming towns and villages near Llanes and less than 1 hour away from our rural hotel, most of them well known, so you can see the great number of wonderful places that you can visit from Valleoscuru and start to organize your visit.


LLANES ( 15 minutes from the hotel)

Our rural hotel in Asturias is located within the Council of Llanes and a few minutes from Llanes town, the main tourist place of the area.

In Llanes, we can highlight the “Cubes of Memory” and its spectacular beaches and promenades, such as Toró and Sablón beaches and The Promenade of San Pedro with its spectacular viewpoint. Next to Llanes is Porrúa, a small town that houses the Ethnographic Museum of Eastern Asturias.

COLOMBRES (10 minutes from the hotel)

This charming village near Llanes stands out mainly for its “Archive of Indianos”, a really interesting place where you can take a trip through the memory of the Asturian emigration. Here you can learn more about this place that is well worth a visit.

Also in this area belonging to the council of Ribadedeva is the Cave of Pindal, a prehistoric rock art cave.

SAN VICENTE DE LA BARQUERA (15 minutes from the hotel)

One of the quintessential seafaring villages of the north. In exceptional natural environment in which it is located, its beaches or its marina are some of the highlights that make this place one of the most charming villages near Llanes.

It also highlights its wide gastronomic offer, being one of the most touristic towns of Cantabria.

COMILLAS ( 30 minutes from the hotel)

We continue in Cantabria and we go to some of its most outstanding villas both for its beaches and monumentally. Emphasizes its Pontifical University and the Capricho of Gaudí, one of the few works of the artist outside Catalonia.

Comillas also has a nice beach within the town, so if you visit this area, it is without a doubt one of the places that you have to sign as mandatory.

SANTILLANA DEL MAR ( 35 minutes from the hotel)

To visit this town is to walk through history, it is to visit one of the best conserved villages in the whole Spanish geography, it is to visit one of the referring places to the north and which is considered in all rakings one of the most beatiful towns of Spain.

The Villa of the three lies is not holy, nor is it flat, nor does it have sea, but what it does have is a historical-artistic ensemble of the best in all of Spain. In addition, in Santillana del Mar there are the Altamira Caves, the “Sistine chapel of the rock art”, reasons more than enough to make it one of the best villages to visit near Llanes.

RIBADESELLA (30 minutes from  the hotel)

One of the most famous coastal towns of Asturias. The main attraction of Ribadesella, apart from its beaches, is that it is a very suitable area for active tourism, highlighting above all its star activity, the Descent of Sella, which can be done with some of the many companies that offer it.

In this area you can also visit the Tito Bustillo Caves, a spectacular rock cave cave very well preserved.

VILLAVICIOSA Y TAZONES (A 55 minutes from the hotel)

Continuing along the Cantabrian coast, near Lastres, we find these two charming asturian towns.

Tazones is a fishing village that is located at the mouth of the Villaviciosa Estuary. Its historical set and especially its port, one of the most picturesque in the north, makes Tazones a perfect place to enjoy the essence of Asturias and also to taste its exquisite fish and seafood.

Villaviciosa has the privilege of being the capital of Asturian cider, which, together with its beautiful estuary (the largest in Asturias) and the charm of its streets and historic center, make it one of the charming villages near Llanes that you must visit.

LASTRES (A 50 minutes from hotel)

Seafaring town whose layout of its traditional houses and cobbled streets have given it the title of Exemplary Village of Asturias and is considered one of the “Most beautiful villages in Spain”. From its viewpoint of San Roque you can see the town, the Cantabrian coast, the Sierra del Sueve, and in the sunniest days even the Peaks of Europe.

This charming village near Llanes was famous for being the place where the series El Doctor Mateo was filmed and here is also the MUJA (Jurassic Museum of Asturias), one of the most famous museums of community.


CABRALES Y LA RUTA DEL CARES (A 50 minutes from the  hotel)

We now enter the mountains, specifically the spectacular Peaks of Europe. Cabrales is undoubtedly known for its cheese, but you should know that here is also one of the best known routes of the Peaks, the Route of Cares.

If we continue to the interior of the Peaks of Europe, you can reach Bulnes, where the funicular is located, where you can climb to admire the beauty of this mountain range.

CANGAS DE ONÍS Y LOS LAGOS DE COVADONGA (A 50 minutes from the hotel)

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain and the Asturian capital of the Peaks of Europe. In Cangas, its Roman Bridge over the River Sella stands out. It is a very touristy town and therefore its gastronomic offer is very wide.

From Cangas you can access one of the most spectacular natural places of Asturias, The Covadonga Lakes, a must for all those who like good mountain landscapes.

POTES & LIÉBANA (55 minutes from the hotel)

Potes is the Cantabrian capital of the Peaks of Europe. Through the spectacular Gorge of Hermida, we will arrive to this charming town relatively close to Llanes, in the heart of the Peaks and from where we can make various mountain routes

In this area there are places such as the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana or the famous cable car of Fuente Dé, located 25 minutes from Potes.

BÁRCENA MAYOR ( 55 minutes from the hotel)

Located in Cantabria, in the middle of Saja-Besaya Natural Reserve, this town is considered one of the “Most beautiful villages in Spain”.

Its good state of conservation and its great historical and artistic value make Bárcena Mayor one of the most charming town near Llanes. A place where you can go back in time and enjoy its traditional architecture nestled in a privileged natural environment.


GIJÓN (50 minutes from the hotel)

The city with the most atmosphere in Asturias has everything you need to be a place worth visiting. A large beach in the middle of the city, San Lorenzo beach, places of cultural interest such as the Laboral City of Culture, the historic center or the Railway Museum and natural locations such as the hill of Santa Catalina.

Gijón is always a very atmospheric place where you can find a lot of cider houses, restaurants, bars or pubs, especially in the area of ​​the seafront.

SANTANDER ( 50 minutes from the hotel)

A stately, elegant and well-maintained city. Its main monument is the Magdalena Palace, without forgetting other important places such as the recently inaugurated Botín Center, the new tourist attraction of the city. El Sardinero beach, The Promenade of Pereda and Chico Port are some of the areas that you will love in Santander.

A few minutes from Santander you can also visit the Cabárceno Nature Park, where you can see animals in semi-freedom along its 20 km.